Friday, August 19, 2011

Decorating Projects COMPLETE!!!

This summer I had several decorating projects that I wanted to get done before school starts again (kinda pushing it, school starts Monday). Anyway, I thought that I would share some of them with you. I've had fun. This is probably it for awhile. Gotta buckle down now and be a teacher!

First project was our kitchen table. We bought this table before we were married, so it's been around awhile. It is our main surface for doing school work, so it had lots or permanent marker (no, I didn't know they were permanent until I tried to clean them off). Anyway, I was ready for a "redo". I first sanded down the top, then took the top off, took the legs outside and painted them. I applied several coats of stain, and it just wasn't soaking in. Anyway, finally it got to a tint that I was happy with. Then I started applying polyurathane. After three coats of that, I realized that "this is not working". The polyurathane was all blotchy and uneven (even though I had sanded in between coats). So, haul the top outside and start striping the polyurathane off. YUCK! Long, long story. After all of that, I sanded it down AGAIN, and since I've never really refinished anything before, I sanded deeper in some spots than others. Stained it again, and then let it cure for several days. Finally, yesterday, I applied ONE coat of polyurathane

and this is what I got....a wonderful "farmhouse" table. I really love the way it turned out.

Next little project is this dresser that was FREE sitting out along the roadside. It is solid wood, but pretty beat up. And there was even

writing on the top. It was really, really dirty and it didn't smell the greatest, but hey, it was free. So I scrubbed and scrubbed, etc. and

This is the final result. Painted it, and then distressed the edges.

Some of the drawer pulls were missing and I really wanted to go with something that looked like glass drawer pulls. Do you know how much they want for those things? Anyway, my remedy was to go to the dollar tree, pick up a bag of these, glue two of them together with really strong glue, back to back, let them dry overnight, then glued them on the dresser today. Really like the look I got with them. Got eight drawer pulls for less than $1 because I have several left over! Wooo Hooo!

Next little thing I did, noting major, but I found this jar at GW. As you can see it was filty, covered with a film (cigarette smoke maybe), and filled with '70's plastic fruit, but I really liked the look of it, kinda like an apothocary jar. Brought it home, cleaned it up, and...

here it is "repurposed" in my entry. LOVE IT~~

Next project. Found this at GW too for $1. It was half price. Saw a gem in it too. Checked to see if the paint would scratch off, and it did, so brought it home, scrubbed it up. Glued the plate to a candleholder that I had floating around and...

this is the final result.

Added a sofa table to my living room. The table that I wanted to use here was too short. It was basically a side table. Anyway, I had an old kitchen table that I wasn't using, so I used the legs off of it and replaced them on this table, and it was perfect. Notice my basket from the "outlet" under the table. This is where I store extra throws that we use alot when the weather is cooler. I am really enjoying the warmth this addition has added to my living room.

Tried something new. Silicone dipped mini lights. Also made them "grungy" this time. They fit in really good in my "new" country bath (pictures of that coming up).

Here is a picture of the bathroom before. It was kinda a safari theme. Lions, etc. Been thinking about changing it to a country bath to fit in more with the majority of the rest of my house.

Picture #1
Jonathan help me with the "Country Bath" sign.

Picture #2
Made a wreath to match the border.

Picture #3
Put up a shower curtain. Didn't have one before. This is one of my "outlet" finds. The rod is an old oak handle from a broken hoe we had.
Cut it to fit, smeared some Old English on it, and it's perfect.

Picture #4
Old, CLEAN chamber pot for holding extra toilet paper.

In my other bathroom, I did some Shabby Chic updates. My neighbor gave me one of her husband's old tool boxes. I took the handle off, turned it on it's side, and it makes a perfect little shelf for my bathroom.

Another one of my "outlet" finds. An old door knob. Didn't know at the time what I would do with it, but got it because I loved it. It found the perfect spot on this shelf.

Jar from Hobby Lobby on Clearance $2 something.

And another GW find for cheeeaaappp!!!

Thanks for looking! Hope you've enjoyed the tutorial.

Little Bride

The other day DaNae dressed Makayla up in her "dress up", did her hair and then took her out and shot some photos. I have done some slight editing, but I thought that they turned out really well. She did an awesome job for a 12 year old. Someday when Makayla really is a bride, it will be fun to look back at these and smile.


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