Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Just wanted to hop on here for a few minutes to let everyone know that I still am blogging now and then, and also to let you know that tomorrow we leave for 10 days at family church camp. This is always a hightlight of our year. The kids look forward to it so much, and I must say, this year I am going with an intense desire to be refreshed and renewed spiritually in a way like never before. This has been my prayer for the last several days in preparation to go. This week has been full of packing, doing up all of the laundry, running to the store for one more thing that we need, and then packing some more. Tomorrow evening we pull out of here, and thus begins a much needed time of R&R. (Stole the picture from Ladonna's blog...thanks Ladonna.)

The other day Jonathan and Danae were in a silly mood and decided to dress up like old people. They even did a little skit for us, which was quite comical, I might add (I think they got the whole "skit" idea from when we were at youth camp). Anyway, we took a few pictures and shared several laughs and made some happy memories. It was great seeing them using their imagiations. I thought I would share one of the pics.
Then the other day, for the first time, Jonathan got Makayla to leave a pair of sunglasses on. She was just too cute. And when I took her to the mirror to see herself, she just laughed, she thought it was so funny. She looks like the "wild child" doesn't she? Hair everywhere (she won't leave hair accessories in).
And then a couple of nights ago, right after supper, she began playing with this little hat that belongs to a doll of DaNae's. She was cracking us up, and enjoying all of the attention as well.
And one final, parting shot...

Good night to all.


Mary Ellen said...

Great pictures - have a wonderful time.

Bobbie said...

Hope you're having a great week at camp.