Saturday, October 13, 2012

We just got home from NY yesterday.  While we were there I had an afternoon to browse and do some shopping.  I visited some primitive shops, some antique stores, and some junk shops as well.  While I was shopping I received some inspiration (which is always great!!).  I saw the cutest faux carmel apples, but they were way out of my price range soooo....I decided to make my own.  I visited the Dollar Store and I found these "beauties".  It's kinda hard to tell from the pic, but they were the most hideous color you ever saw.  So, I took my can of burgandy spray paint, and simply changed them.  So, here is the BEFORE....
and now the AFTER...

aren't they just the cutest things?  They make a great fall decoration for my island.  I spray painted the apples, watered down some glue and brushed it on the top.  The "nuts" is that stuff that you put on your carpet and sweep it up to freshen up your sweeper bag, the carmel is tinted wax melted and drizzled over them, and the sticks are literally a twig from my yard with some prim fabric ripped and tied around.
Also, while we were in NY, Paul's dad is cleaning out and he gave me a bunch of great antiques.  Things from his step-father.  He is going to be bringing most of the things to me when they come out for Christmas.  But, this treasure below is one that I decided that I would squeeze in no matter what.  It is a 1830 circa candy scale.  I could not wait to get it home and get it cleaned up.  And that is exactly what I did.  Here is the BEFORE:

This picture isn't the greates of it before, but it was bad.  I actually thought that the part where you put your candy to weigh it was copper.  However, after some brasso, barkeepers friend, and A LOT of elbow grease, this is what I got!  I love it!!! 

Got some other projects coming down the pike, but just had to share these.

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