Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun Cookies, Food & Funny Faces!

Thought I would post a few pictures of some of the things that have kept me busy this past week. Our church school has a missions fundraiser every year, and the kids are to bring things in to sell. We've been making cookies for the kids to sell. Here is a picture of our giant M&M chocolate chip cookies. I thought they turned out cute, and they sold them all.
Then I made some Amish Sugar Cookies and put hearts made out of sanding sugar on them. They are ready to go to school tomorrow. We'll see if they sell as well as the chocolate chip cookies did.Then a few of decided it was time to do another food exchange. I made chicken casserole for the exchange. Now I have a lasagna, a chicken casserole, and Shepherd's Pie all in the freezer ready to eat. I love it~!
And then, on Thursday night we were having pizza for supper. Makayla wanted a bite of my piece. When she tried to take a bite, she got pizza sauce all over her nose. It was so cute, because then she tried to lick it off. She's quite the ham.

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