Monday, February 4, 2008

"Little Mother"

It just amazes me how young little girls know how to "mother". Makayla is only 14 months old, just now starting to take her first steps, and the instinct to "mother" is just there. On Friday, she was in her room. She saw her little doll laying on the floor, she toddled over to it, picked it up, grabbed her blanket laying nearby, then toddled over to the cradle, laid her baby down, and covered the baby up. I stood and watched her for a few minutes and was just intrigued by what I saw. She's already being a little mother. Here she is covering the baby up.
A-oh! (she says).
Cuddling her baby. It was so cute because she was in her own little world for quite a long while.

Sitting down to rock the baby. She would pat the baby. It was all just so cute.

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