Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday Boy

Jeffrey turned six yesterday, but we celebrated it on Friday night so that Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and other family could enjoy the celebration. We had a house full of company, which made for an interesting evening, to say the least. Jeffrey had a dinosaur theme for his birthday this year. His cake had two dinosaurs on it that actually lit up and made some vicious sounding noises. Here is a picture of the birthday boy waiting to blow out his candles.

Here are a couple of pictures of the table and room decorations. I used his new slippers as "candle holders" and they went well with the theme. I added a "safari" hat, and binoculars to add to the effect.

We had "vines" growing everywhere. He really like it all.

He had a couple of his buddies over to help him celebrate. Here are the three musketeers. From l-r, Jeffrey, Dylan Waggoner and Ethan Wilhelm. They had a great time playing cowboys and shooting Jeffrey's new cap guns. Dylan didn't get to spend the night, but I know that Ethan and Jeffrey slept like logs. They simply wore themselves out. (Looks like a lot of mischief to me, what about you?)

On Friday night my cousin and her husband from the southern part of the state came and spent the night with us. On Saturday we went north to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm and everyone enjoyed the "mooooooving" experience. It is very educational and the kids never seem to get tired of seeing it all again and again. My cousin, Lori, and her husband Jamie, are getting ready to make a huge move. They are moving to Alabama where he will begin a new career with Hyundai. We are excited for them in this new adventure they are about to embark on. We had a wonderful time with them, and we all hated to see them go. The children really loved spending time with them. (He used to play the piano for Tony Gore and Majesty in case he looks familiar to anyone.)

Sunday was another busy day with church and company again. Tonight we started revival with Steven and Nichole, so this week will prove to be another busy one as well. Please pray for Makayla. She is struggling with a really bad cough with some squeaks in her lungs. Paul figures she probably has pneumonia/RSV. We've been giving her breathing treatments three times a day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, if not, we may make a trip to the doctor. It was just a little over a year ago that we spent a week in the hospital with RSV. I'm not ready for a repeat. Take care, everyone, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Janiece said...

You are so creative! Looks like ya all had fun!

LaDonna said...

The decorations look great! What a great mom you are to go to all the "trouble?" I'm so glad you had a good time with your cousin...so when you come shouth, maybe she can come up and we could all meet in Pigeon Forge! Hope Makayla gets better, poor thing. Maybe you need to move to a warmer climate, like Tennessee??? Ha!

tacomom said...

It's moms like you who make me feel so inadequate. (sigh!) I just don't have the energy. But the decorations looked great!!