Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My "Medical" Family

Today the children were playing and Jeffrey was the "sick and afflicted" one. Makayla got a wagon for Christmas. It was his hospital bed or stretcher or something. Anyway, DaNae was his nurse, and as you can see, he has a "broken" leg, and she used a mask to hold the "cold pack" on his head. As you can tell by the picture, the nurse looks like she's hurting more than the patient. Anyway, they had a good time.
They had to dress Makayla up as a "nurse" as well. I thought she looked so cute.Then, when Paul got home he brought a "bunny suit" home for the children to play with. Jonathan came out and said "I'm daddy's twin. I'm Paul Durgan." He had found an old pair of Paul's glasses. I had to take their picture so that you could see just how much they DO look alike.
As for me today, browned several pounds of hamburger to put in the freezer to have on hand. I love having it already cooked, so that when I'm fixing supper, that step is already complete. It just helps to speed the whole dinner process along. I also put several dozen frozen "clumps" of cookie dough in the freezer to have to pull out when we want some "fresh" cookies, and I don't have time to mix up the dough. Also, I've been basking in the Lord's presence as He has been ministering to me through a new CD that I received for Christmas. I truly am amazed that He loves me, and I'm amazed how He cares. He is an awesome God.


tacomom said...

I've been thinking about doing that with my own cookie dough too. Have you done it before? How does it turn out and how do you store it? I, too, love doing up hamburger ahead of time. Have you tried the little vac for ziplocs? It works wonderful on meat!! I can't think of the actual name of it.

Ronda said...

Cute pictures of the kids! Sounds like you are very organized and are looking ahead for your family!(There's nothing better than warm, homebaked cookies!) Good for you! Have a great day!

Bobbie said...

Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. I really enjoy when my kids get creative like that.

Patty said...

So glad that you are back. I missed your updates. Thanks for letting me know.
The decoratings look great.

Julie Waggoner said...

Jeffrey and Ethan performed "sewgewy" today at school too! Jeffrey was the "victim" and Ethan was the Dr. The "sewgewy" table was their reading table!!! Kids are just too cute sometimes!

LaDonna said...

Looks like the kids are enjoying using their imaginations!! I love having browned/cooked meat in the freezer! I like to do that with turkey, too. It makes is so fast to put something on the table when that's already done. Good for you!