Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Firemen and Helpers

Jeffrey has been so excited. On Monday, he got to visit the fire station. He came home full of information, and filled us in, to the minutest detail. Yesterday, Tuesday, at school, his teacher gave him a fireman's hat because he returned his homework. When he got home from school, she donned this "get-up". His outfit consisted of his hat, boots, coat, gloves, and "oxygen tank" (his back-pack). He was excited to go to school today because they were going to be turning his classroom into a fire station. I'm anxious to hear all he has to say today when he gets home.
And Makayla, just recently, has been helping the children with their chores, more specifically, emptying the dishwasher. Here she is, hard at work. She thinks that she is the biggest duck in the puddle.


Ronda said...

Cute pics! Loved the little fireman!(He looked prety authentic!)Hope that you had fun on your special birthday weekend!

Jody J said...

What a cute fireman!
Looks like you're gonna have another helper really soon!