Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Ponytail!!!!

Last night when we were getting ready for church (revival), I decided to try to put Makayla's hair in a ponytail. She held very still while I put it in, and surprisingly enough, she did not touch it one time. I figured she would try to pull it right out. Anyway, we tried to get her picture. It didn't turn out real well, but maybe if you look real close you can see it. I just had to take a picture. And as you can tell, she LOVES to have her picture taken.
Makayla and I are both feeling better, but now Paul has really got it bad. Jeffrey's had a cold for two weeks now. I think we're just all run down after the holidays, etc. Looking forward to Spring!!!!


Leah said...

I just love that smile!! She is so adorable! I sure hope you all feel better real soon!!

LaDonna said...

I'm telling you, you need a change in climate!!! It's going to be near 50 by Monday...just think, you could let the kids out and even open the windows for a little bit and air out the house! :) Come on down, I know some people who have a 4 bedroom house to sell.

Ronda said...

Adorable kid! Hope you all get to feeling better soon!